Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Rich Warm Chocolate Pudding


250   gm  butter
250   gm  dark  chocolate


160   gm   costar sugar
1       tsp    vanilla essence
7      eggs , lightly  beaten
1/4    tsp     salt


100   gm   plain  flour, sifted


1. Put A into a double-boiler , double-boil with
    low heat & stir till smooth leave aside to cool
    slightly. Mix in B till smooth

2. Add  C & mix till just blended, do not over mix

3. Grease & flour  12 small oven proof Pyrex custard
     bowls. Divide cake mixture into other crusted  bowls
     till 3/4

4. Bake in the pre-heated oven at 160 degree for 12 - 15
    minutes till edges are set but center are still very wet

5. Leave to cool in the custard bowls for 5 minutes before
    carefully removing
    by running a small knife around edge of each cake

6.  Serve warm so that the rich tasty chocolate sauce will flow out 
      when cut.  

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