Friday, February 11, 2011


500 gm minced meat (any meat)
1  large onion chopped
1  tomato chopped
1  kidney beans -tin (rajma beans)
1   tbsp  meat curry powder
  tbsp chili  powder
1/4  tsp  turmeric powder
salt  to  taste
pepper  to  taste
1  tsp garlic paste
1  tsp ginger paste
some curry leaves
some coriander leaves chopped
oil for cooking
1 tsp gram masala( Indian mixed spice)


1. Heat up oil fry onion until light brown,

   add in curry leaves,garlic & ginger paste stir nicely
   add in chili powder,curry powder,turmeric
   powder,tomato stir until raw smell goes out
   add meat stir, reduce the fire cover & cook, 
   sprinkle some water if you want but stir on & off

2. Add in kidney beans,gram masala,salt, pepper,

   coriander leaves mix well & serve.
   Serve hot with rice or bread

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