Wednesday, May 6, 2015


4 mini parathas ( readymade )
2 burger meat ( readymade )
chicken / vegetarian
4 salad leaves
2 slices cucumber
2 slices tomatoes
2 slices Cheddar cheese
¼ tsp butter
Chili sauce
Cheesy sauce
Thousand Island sauce


Heat up butter in a nonstick pan,
fry paratha on both sides.

In same pan fry burger till done.


Spread some chill sauce inside
of each paratha.

On 1 piece of paratha add 1 salad leaf,
1 piece tomato, spread thousand island sauces,
1 piece cucumber, spread cheesy sauce,
1 piece cucumber, burger, chill sauce,
1 cheddar cheese, 1 salad leaf then cover
with another paratha spread with chili sauce.

Do the same method with other 2 parathas.

At last heat up in Microwave / oven/
or grill till cheese melt.

Serve hot. Enjoy !!

Saturday, May 2, 2015


For stuffing:
1 tbsp olive oil
1 onion chopped
3 cloves garlic chopped
200 gm chicken meat sliced
½ can button mushroom sliced
100 gm bell pepper chopped
( red, yellow & green )
½ tsp pizza herbs ( optional )
Salt & pepper to taste 
Coriander leaves chopped


Sauté onion & garlic, add in chicken
stir-fry for few minutes.

Add in other ingredients, stir for
few more minutes, keep aside.  

Pineapple chuck
Cherry tomatoes cut
Pizza sauce
Olives sliced
Cheddar cheese grated
Mozzarella cheese grated

6 parathas readymade
( I use small ones )
½ tsp butter to grease


Heat up frying pan with butter,
heat up paratha on both sides.

To make pizza:

Take 1 parathas, spread pizza
sauce on 1 side.

Add some stuffing’s, pineapples,
olives, tomatoes & sprinkle with cheese.

Take another paratha spread pizza sauce
on both sides & cover the stuffed paratha.

Again on top add some stuffing, pineapple,
olives, tomatoes, sprinkle with mozzarella cheese.

Do the same way with other parathas.

At last heat up in Microwave / oven /
or grill… till cheese melts.

Serve hot with Chili /Tomato Sauce.