Thursday, February 24, 2011

NESTUM® Layered Prune Cake

Preparation & Cooking Time
1 hour

24 pieces

Skill Required
Beginner to Advanced 

What You Need

¼ cup
sifted self raising flour
1 cup
caster sugar
1 cup
1 cup
evaporated milk
egg yolks
egg whites
1 teaspoon
essence vanilla
1 tablespoon
butter or margarine,

well beaten pitted prune

Make It
1.    In mixing bowl, whisk ingredients A until white, then stir in beaten butter and mix well.
2.    Heat griller and spoon 4 tablespoons mixture into 18”x28” lightly greased and lined rectangle pan. Spread evenly and arrange pitted prune then grill until lightly brown.
3.    Then spoon again 4 tablespoons mixture and arrange prune on top and grill again until lightly brown.
4.    Repeat process until mixture is used up and lastly bake in the oven with temperature 150°C for 15 minutes to dry up the side of the cake.
5.    Cool cake in pan before remove it.

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