Friday, January 21, 2011


Biscuit Marie 1pkt
Coco powder 2 tbsp
Milo 100 gm
Condense milk ½ tin
Butter 1tbsp
Water ¾ glass (or less)
Egg 1 no(optional)


 1. Break biscuits into 2 pieces & keep aside.
 2. Mix together coco, milo, eggs, milk, water and margarine in a  pot.
 3. Put over low flame & stir until it becomes thick.
 4. Once little thick add in biscuit & mix well slowly until it become thick.
5. Once thick, off the fire & transfer into a tray & cover with a plastic on
6. Top & press, not letting any air goes inside until it cools little.

Keep in fridge until well cool & serve.

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