Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Oil for cooking
½ sp mustard seeds
1 cinnamon stick
2 star anises
2 cardamoms
2 cloves
1 bay leaf
1 stalk curry leaves
3 large onions chopped    
2 tbsp ginger paste
1 tbsp garlic paste
3 tbsp chilly powder
1 tbsp chicken curry powder
1 tsp kurmah powder
½ tsp turmeric powder
½ tsp pepper powder

3 large tomatoes chopped
( Onions, tomatoes & chilly powder add to your taste)
500 gm turkey cut
Salt to taste

2 tbsp of fresh cream / coconut milk
1 tsp garam masala
1 green chilly cut
1 red chilly cut
Coriander leaves cut


Heat up oil in cooking pan ( I use earthen pot 
for extra yummy taste )  fry “A”.

Add bay leaf, curry leaf & onions fry until light
brown in colour.

Add ginger & garlic paste stir for few minutes.

Add in all the powders & stir for few more minutes
until the oil raise up.

Now add tomatoes & stir until it becomes soft.

Add turkey, salt mix well, cover & cook in medium
flame ( if need add little water ) to cook.

Keep stirring on & off so it don’t stick to the pot.

Once cooked add “D” & mix well.

Serve with rice, bread etc..

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