Tuesday, December 18, 2012


 For this Xmas an easy recipe for Home made Plum Cake
Recipe by:
John Lenin

For 1 kg dry fruit mix:

 250 gm red glazed cherries
125 gm tutty fruity
100 gm cashew nuts
125 gm raisins
25 gm orange peel
25 gm lemon peel
3 gms nutmeg powder
3 gms cinnamon powder
125 ml brandy
50 ml rum
50 ml red wine. (wine must , others optional)

For the cake:

150 gm refined flour
150 gm demerara sugar
150 gm butter
3 eggs
3 gm baking powder
10 gm milk powder
325 gm dry fruit mix
3 ml vanilla essence
100 gm crumbed biscuits.


Chop the peels and cherries into halves.

In a bowl, mix all the solid ingredients of the dry fruit
mix and finally pour brandy, rum and wine into the mix.

If possible, soak and keep it in a container for at least
15 days.

This will make it flavorful.

For the cake, preheat the oven at 200 degrees Celsius.

Grease the cake mould with butter and place butter
paper at the base.

In another bowl, mix together butter and sugar and
blend it well.

Add eggs and vanilla essence and beat well.

Now, add refined flour, baking powder and salt to
the egg and butter mix and blend well.

Add to it the dry fruit mix and pour mixture in the
cake mould.

Sprinkle the cake top with biscuit crumbs and bake
for around 25 minutes till it cooks well.

Serve hot.


  1. this is a very simple recipe which i tried before..its very fruity and the taste n smell of the liquor is delicious..

  2. cake looks so tempting...! very interesting cake recipe