Friday, November 25, 2011



200 gm sponge cake mix
4 eggs
3 tbsp thick coconut milk mixed with
1 tbsp corn oil


Beat sponge mix flour & eggs till light.

Mix in coconut milk & corn oil till well-combined.

Pour into a lined & greased 20cm/8”
round baking tin & bake in preheated
oven at 180° for 35-40 minutes till cooked.

Remove the cake from the oven, leave to cool.

Slice the cake horizontally into 4 slices.


8 tbsp green peas flour/
Hoen Kwe flour
1 tbsp instant jelly powder
800 ml coconut milk
(Squeezed from 1 1/2  coconuts)
170 gm sugar
3 tbsp pandan (screw pine leaf) juice
(pound 4 piece pandan/screw pine
leaves & squeezed juice)
A little green coloring
½ tsp salt


Pour all ingredients into a pot & mix well. 

Using medium heat, stir & cook till mixture
has thickened.

Keep the mixture hot by putting the pot
in a pan of hot water to prevent it from
setting too quickly.


Place the 20cm/8” cake ring on a
cake board, put 1 slice of cake into
the cake ring, making sure there is
space all around for the pandan cream.

Scoop some pandan cream to cover the
cake & sides.

Repeat the same way till the last layer
is covered with pandan cream.

Leave a sides to cool & set before chilling
in the fridge for at least 4 hours, best
over-night before removing the cake ring.

 NOTE : 

If you want to decorate the cake, add
some dessicated coconut to decorate
the cake before serving.