Sunday, June 26, 2011


1.5 liters water
125 gm sago
2 screw pine leaves tied into knots
500 gm steamed pumpkin (without
skin & mashed little)
200 gm sugar
350 ml coconut cream or
full cream evaporated milk
Salt to taste
Few drops of yellow food color


Bring 500 ml water to boil & add in sago
bring to boil until sago become transparent.

Drain in sieve, then rinse in normal water
so  they don’t stick together, keep aside.

Bring remaining water to boil with screw
pine leaves in it, once it starts to bubble
add sago & stir, add sugar, salt & mix well
until sugar dissolve then add coconut cream,
pumpkin, color  & stirring frequently until little
bubbles forms on the sides, discard screw pine
 leaves, serve warm or cold.

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