Wednesday, May 30, 2012


This is most popular food of the Kadazans
people from Borneo, now this place is called
Sabah, east Malaysia


600g raw tuna or mackerel ( cut into strips)
120 ml lime juice /vinegar
3 to 4 small red shallots, sliced or chopped finely
2 inches young ginger, finely julienned
2 large chilies, cut into fine strips
5 bird’s eye chilies, cut finely (green & red)
1 small bitter gourd (cut into strips &
marinated in salt for few minutes )
Salt & sugar to taste


Mix the sliced bitter gourd with salt to reduce its
bitterness & rinse with water.

Marinate the fish with the lime juice / vinegar
for 10 minutes. 

Mix all ingredients together.
Chill in fridge till ready to eat.

Hinava is a well-known dish among the Kadazandusuns. Hinava is actually raw fish salad. The mackerel is the best choice of fish for this dish. The hinava uses the sour juice of local limes as a marinade. A veritable side entry, the hinava has been seen served at fine eating establishments.

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