Monday, April 13, 2015


2 tbsp ghee
5 cashew nuts ( cut open )
1 tbsp fresh coconut chopped
6-8 jackfruit pulp ( removed seeds & chopped )
2  tbsp sago ( pre-soaked & drained )
½ cup molasses ( jaggery, more / less )
1 cup coconut milk
½ tsp payasam spice powder
( cardamom, dried ginger, cumin )
Water for cooking


Heat up ghee, fry cashew nuts till
golden, keep aside.

Fry coconut pieces till golden, keep aside.

In same remainder ghee fry jackfruit
pieces till golden brown, keep aside.

Add some water, cook sago till transparent.

Add molasses mix well until well dissolved.

Add jackfruit, coconut milk, keep string till
bubble start to form.

Remove dessert from fire add, payasam
spice, mix well.

Garnish with cashew nuts & coconut pieces.


Best to serve is after 1 hour / more after cooking.

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