Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Oil for deep frying

For top hats case:
100 gm corn flour
100 gm plain flour
100 gm rice flour
1 egg
Salt to taste
Water to make batter


Combine the all ingredients in a mixing
bowl & mix well. 

Strain the batter, set aside.

For fillings:-
1 tbsp cooking oil
2 cloves garlic chopped
1 turnip medium, julienned
1 carrot medium, julienned
5 French beans, cut diagonally
Salt & pepper to taste
Pinch of seasoning powder
( can add chicken / prawns /
scrambled eggs / fried bean curd )


Fry garlic, add all the ingredients &
stir-fry, keep aside.

Method to fry Top Hats:

Heat enough oil to deep fry the casing.

Place the mold in the oil to get it hot so
that the batter will stick to the mold easily .

Remove & dip three-quarters of the mold
into the batter, shake the mold slightly to
 drip off excess batter put into the hot oil &
hold on to it for a few seconds.

To separate the batter from the mold, jiggle
the mold up & down to loosen it.

The case should off with slight
shaking up & down.

Once it’s off, deep fry in the oil until
it turns to golden brown.

Transfer it out onto a plate with
paper towels

To serve, fill the cases with the
filling & serve with chili sauce.

Pai Tee Mold:

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