Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Wrappers: A
2 cups all-purpose flour
½ cup just boiled water ( more or less )
Salt to taste
Extra potato starch powder for dusting

In a big bowl sift the flour.

Add salt to the just-boiled water &
mix until completely dissolved

Add the just-boiled water little by little
to the flour & mix well till you form the
texture into ball.

Dust some flour on table & knead the
dough for 10 minutes till the dough
become smooth

Cut the dough into ½ & roll each into 1 ½
inch into diameter, warp both the log
with plastic warp.

Let it sit for 30 minutes.

Unwrap the dough, sprinkle some potato starch.

Cut each log into 12 pieces.

Make each piece dough into balls.

Press the ball to make it flat.

Using a rolling pin make the dough into round shape.

Dust each pieces with potato starch &
keep aside.


To make different color skin add
Spinach puree, Carrot pure, Potato puree
or Tomato puree while mixing the dough.

Fillings: B
100 gm minced prawns
100 gm fish paste
100 gm minced chicken / pork
Spring onion chopped
Mushroom minced
Carrot minced
Cabbage Minced
Spinach minced
Salt, pepper & sugar to taste
1 tsp sesame oil
1 tbsp Chinese cooking wine
Garlic minced
1 sp light soy sauce

Mix all above ingredients together & keep aside.

Fill the stemmer with enough water to cook.

Take a wrapper & place it in palm of your hand.

Take 1 spoon of fillings & place it in the
center of the wrap

Dip one finger in a bowl of water &
draw a circle around the wrapper
till it gets wet.

Using your thumb & index finger seal the
dumplings, make pleats keep aside.

Grease a steaming tray with oil,
arrange the dumplings in the tray leaving
some space between keep them from sticking.

Steam for 10-12 minutes or till cooked.

D: Spicy Sauce

Light Soy sauce
Young ginger sliced
Bird’s eye chilies sliced
Dash of Chinese cooking wine
Dash of sesame oil

All mix together

Serve hot dumplings with Spicy Sauce

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